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Skylight Installations and repairs

Skylight Installations and repairs

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I would like to thank you personally for your inquiry. The Skylight Specialist is a family owned business and had been a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona since 1980. Our dedication to the skylight industry is second to none. In 1993 we opened Sun First Industries, a local skylight manufacturer. We introduced museum grade acrylic which could eliminate 100% of harmful UV rays. We eliminated clear inner domes which are proven to be worthless in a double dome application, clear acrylic does not have any thermal value, does not stop harmful UV rays, does not reflect radiant heat gain, only magnifies heat gain. The overall design of acrylic skylight is flawed, the internal weep system is a highway for bugs, dirt and dust to enter your home. The acrylic domed skylight are on their way out as being an accepted thermally effective natural lighting source. To date there is not ONE Energy Star rated skylight with acrylic. We highly recommend VELUX skylights for the above reasons. They are a glass laminated skylight that does not require weep holes and therefore is air tight.

Please call us for an estimate and we are happy to provide referrals in your neighborhood.

An unlicensed contractor with thirty years of experience and licensed for the last thirty years.

Unlicensed Contractor


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